Confectionery & Bakery Products

Whether it is chilly, sunny or rainy weather, you always look for a refreshing and crispy snack with your tea. Be it morning or evening time, Rusk is always a preferred choice of everyone to enhance the joy of having hot tea. To make you feel stimulating at tea rime, we have brought a vast collection of crunchy and delectable range of Confectionery & Bakery Products. The vast variety of products comprises Rust, Toast and so on for relishing your taste buds at tea time with your friends, families, etc. The collection makes you fall in love with its classic and irresistible taste along with health. Prepared from selected ingredients of high quality, the range is sure to provide you high nutrition. So, dip and see the range in tea and enjoy the juicy crunchiness of the same without compromising your health!
Premium Rusk Toast
Product Code :- 01
Crispy Rusk
Product Code :- 02
Suji Rusk
Product Code :- 03